ishootBVI | FAQ

(For questions not covered, contact us.)


Q. What is ishootBVI Plus?

A. Why settle for photos when you can have video as well?  ishootBVI Plus is the addition of video coverage (including aerial shots) to your photo session.  This service is on demand basis.  Email us for our rates.   

Q. What are your products?

A. In terms of traditional prints and novelty items, our shopping cart and the entire checkout experience are fully integrated to our website, and is designed for purchasing photo products, with features like precise cropping, live framing preview, photo resolution checks, and photo package configuration. We’ve partnered with the best print vendors in the industry that have proven quality and attention to detail.  You can easily create and purchase your own beautiful photo book simply by dragging and dropping photos into the template of their choice. Photo books are available in a variety of sizes and styles.  Add a photo in your gallery to your shopping cart to see your options.

How can I place an order for digital images?

A.  Click on Order Digital Images on the Main Menu or Headers which you can find throughout the webpages.  A new window will open bearing the online order form.  Make sure that you have jotted down the file names of the images you want to order from the gallery.  Complete the online order form and press Send.  A download link to your images will be sent to your email as soon as the transaction is completed.  

Q. Do you sell the RAW files?

A. Yes we do, provided that you place the order within 45 days the photos were taken.

Q. What's the deal on your Digital Images?

A. All Digital Images are royalty-free.  Once you bought an image, its yours.  ishootBVI owns the rights to the images  until someone else buys these.   Once in a while, we use these images for our marketing and promotions, both online and print with owner's consent.

Q.  Which service is best for me?

A.  If you or your family, or group of families and friends, are on a boat or staying in one of the hotel resorts or villas in Virgin Gorda, you can schedule a shoot with us for portrait sessions or a group event such as regattas, or just having fun on the beach, or leisure sailing.  Tell us what time and which part of Virgin Gorda and we will be there.  For booked sessions, we normally do not require a deposit and we collect payment only after the session.  This will entitle you to all the digital photos and videos (on demand) taken during the session.  You may still order prints and other novelty items via our website.  Email us for the rates.  

Q. We're sailing, how do we find you? 

A. Hail ishootBVI on VHF Channel 16 if you are in the North Sound.  Or you can reach us through, or call us at 284-5475255.  We respect your privacy.  We do not shoot random yachts.  If you are sailing, we will only photograph your boat if you've made an appointment with us to do so.  Give us at least a one (1) hour heads up if you want to be photographed sailing in or out of North Sound, or around Virgin Gorda.  

Q. Is transportation included in your wedding/family portraiture rates?

A. If you are getting married, or your family is staying anywhere in Virgin Gorda, then YES, the travelling expense is included.  If not, ferry fares or charter cost is added to the contract price.  Email us for our rates.